Company Development Solutions
We have more than three decades experience of working with and developing naval navigation and management systems.
Standardized architecture enables low cost and fast development as well as reliable support and maintenance.
HC MARINE - Integrated Navigation and Management system for both civilian and military small to medium vessels. Read more...
We are specialized in high performance solutions without compromising with safety or reliability.
Use of standard interfaces and modular design ensure cost effective solutions and avoid locking effects against other suppliers.


HC SEANAV - Complete navigation system for the archipelago and open sea with possibility to expand to a complex solution. Read more...
We work together with our customers from specification to installation to ensure their business requirements.


We provide references upon request, in agreement with existing customers, with respect to their confidentiality and privacy.
HC USERPERMIT - Application for generation of USER_PERMIT for ENC according to IHO S-63 standard. More information...


Contact us for more information about our solutions,  products and services.
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Software components

HC S63DECRYPTH - Dynamic Linked Library component for decryption according to IHO S-63
standard. More information...


HC PERMISSION - Dynamic Linked Library cryptographic component for locking hardware to software applications. More information...

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